Declaration of Results of Special Call for Project Proposals for Short-term Empirical Research [2023-24]

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Dear Applicants,

ICSSR is pleased to announce the lists of applicants whose proposals have been provisionally approved by ICSSR under the Special Call for Short-term Empirical Research Project [2023-24].

These awards are provisionally approved subject to submission of relevant documents and fulfilling the requirements.

The awardees, on receipt of their provisional award letters, shall immediately upload the scanned copies of the following documents, duly forwarded through the competent authority of the University/Institute to which they have affiliated their project, on the ICSSR website ( in the application dashboard.

1. Undertaking (on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.100/-);
2. Declaration (on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.100/-);
3. Date of commencement of the study;
4. Original forwarding Letter duly signed/stamped by statutory authority;
5. Grant-in-aid bill duly filled in for the first instalment; and
6. 12 B status of the affiliating Institute.

The Awardees are also required to submit hard copy of the aforementioned documents on or before 5th September 2023.

ICSSR does not issue any regret letters to the non-awardees, however, they may apply against the next call.

The terms, conditions, and monitoring of the Special Call for Short-term Empirical Research [2023-24] Grant shall adhere to the guidelines and communications provided in this regard.

In certain instances, if the names of scholars are being listed in multiple places as awardees under the mentioned schemes of the ICSSR, such scholars are requested to select only one among them and promptly inform ICSSR via email ( within four days.

After receipt and acceptance of these documents by ICSSR, a formal Sanction Order for the Research Project grant will be issued and subsequently, the project grant shall be transferred through PFMS to the concerned affiliating institution.