NASSDOC - Professional Skill Development and Networking

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a. Apprenticeship

Under Apprenticeship Act 1961, Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India, NASSDOC provides practical training/exposure to the students who have passed out their B.L.I.Sc. / M.L.I.Sc. (Bachelor or Master in Library and Information Science).  Each year a fixed number of Apprentices are appointed for one year and rotated in different sections of NASSDOC for practical exposure.  They are provided certificate at the end of the year.


b. Internship Training

B.L.I.Sc. (Bachelor in Library Science) students are required to undergo one month rigorous internship training to fulfil their course requirement. University of Delhi and JamiaMilliaIslamia depute 4 – 5 students every year to NASSDOC. Under this programme, these students are engaged in different sections and they are given all round exposure of working of NASSDOC and its activities. After one month training programme, NASSDOC issues a certificate to each student as per the grading system of the university.


c. Educational Tour

NASSDOC has the most functional and modern library, equipped with different kind of technological facilities.  For this reason, NASSDOC has become part of curriculum of various Library and Information Science schools of Indian universities and other educational institutions. Students and teachers of these universities and institutions visit NASSDOC to acquaint themselves with its programmes, services and technology used in its services.


d. Membership of Professional Bodies

Membership of professional bodies helps NASSDOC to have access to their online resources, their free or discounted publications like journals, e-bulletins, magazines, newsletters, networking opportunities, conferences and seminars, information and support, advocacy and campaign etc. NASSDOC is a Member of 1. Association of Special Libraries and Information Centres (IASLIC) 2. International Library Association (ILA) 3. International Federation of Library Association and Institutes (IFLA) 4. Developing Library Network (DELNET).