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Directory of Social Science Libraries and Information Centres in India (2001)

Coverage :Provides details of 447 social science and allied disciplines, libraries and information centres attached to government agencies, research and training institutes under various ministries, universities and autonomous bodies, banks, industry and trade, etc. Libraries having independent name, are provided references from their parent institutions. Each entry provides address of the library, e-mail, strength of the staff, type of collection, budget, subject coverage, computerisation details, facilities and services provided like photocopying, bibliography services, inter-library loan, online databases, literature search, translation, etc. The data contained in the directory may enhance cooperation and resource sharing among Indian libraries and information centres.


Directory of Social science research and training institutions in India (2005)

Coverage: It has a comprehensive list of about 450 social science institutions engaged in research and training in India. It contains details, on areas of research, important achievements, special facilities, current research projects, publications, type of staff, library collection and services, relations with national and international organisations, and complete postal address with telephone, telex, fax and e-mail. To provide multiple access points, the Subject Index and Location Indexes are appended.


Directory of Teaching and research institutions in India On Asian Studies

Coverage: Provides information of about 42 teaching and research institutes on Asian Studies in India. Each entry provides information about the name, address of the institution, type of the organisation, type of staff, aims and objectives, activities, parent organisation, publications, name and level of training courses, library collection and services and facilities provided by the institution. Subject Index and Location Index are appended.