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Bibliography on India in 2000 A.D.

Subject: Social Sciences
Coverage: It records 647 select books, articles appearing in journals, published and unpublished research reports and seminar papers etc. on India in English language covering the period up to the first half of 1987. Articles on Asia and the world with some bearing on India have also been included.


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi : A Bibliography

Subject: Gandhian Studies
Coverage: Contains literature on Gandhian studies for the period 1973-1997. It includes 930 books and 187 doctoral theses and research project reports etc., in English language. The location of items included from different libraries is also indicated under each entry.


Silver Generation in India: A Bibliographical Study

Subject: Aged in India
Coverage: Records approximately 2,500 references (with annotations) which include books, articles appearing in journals, published/ unpublished/ mimeographed research reports, Thesis/dissertations, seminar papers/ conference proceedings, newspaper articles published/ brought out in India or abroad on social, economic, political, psychological, legal and health aspects of aged in India in English language only. The bibliography covers the period 1925-2000.