Tenth Plan Initiatives and Proposed Outlays
Strengthen the existing research programmes, increasing grants to projects, fellowships, training courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, research surveys, publications and sales.
Invigourate the Library and Documentation Services, Network of Data Banks by involvement and cooperation of premier research institutes and data generating agencies. Strengthen and consolidate the initiatives taken towards developing a specialized Documentation Centre for Asian Studies (DOCAS).
Reactivate and revitalize the International Collaboration Programmes by establishing more intensive and fruitful academic links with the existing countries under Cultural Exchange Programme and bilateral relations, as well as extending the arms of collaboration with other countries of Asia, Europe, Australia and America in the context of a globalising world.
Redefine the role, responsibilities and functions of ICSSR's Regional Centres as decentralised windows to cover throughout the lengths and breadths of India, and to reach its nooks and corners to enable in building research capabilities in different regions of the country particularly in those where it is not that developed or yet to develop.
To provide an objective and scientific basis for developing programmes and evolving strategies to achieve the goals, the institutes were reviewed during the Ninth Plan period. Also to rationalise funding of the institutes, a Committee under the chairmanship of Professor B.M.Udgaonkar was constituted and its recommendations were considered when these institutes were reviewed in the beginning of the Ninth Plan. Council in accepting the recommendations involving financial implications has decided that specific proposals need to be submitted for consideration in such cases. While some institutes have received financial assistance on the basis of the reviews done, the other requests carried forward would be considered during the Tenth Plan.
Considering the current fiscal situation, wherein virtually all the States are facing financial constraints and are facing problems in meeting their commitments to sharing fifty percent of the grants to the institutes. The institutes are thereby denied much needed financial support affecting their academic activities and research. To overcome this situation, it is necessary to increase ICSSR's contribution and it is proposed to increase the share of another twenty-five percent. Also, to meet their development needs of faculty expansion, Chairs, Fellowships (including Residential/ Visiting fellowships), modernization of library facilities, computerisation and purchase of other equipments, and to create essential physical infrastructure like building furniture and fixtures etc. it is proposed to provide Rs 1 crore as corpus fund to each of the institutes.
Lastly, the funding of the ICSSR (including its Secretariat) needs to be examined, especially after the implementation of the Fifth Pay Commission and UGC (Rastogi) Committee Report and the accompanied anomalies between the two.
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