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  The Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR ) has set up a North-East Programme Cell to promote Social Science research in the North-East Region. The North-East Region of our country remains under-developed and warrants special emphasis to understand the dynamics of underlying forces operating at various levels with a view to create social science inputs for policy prescription and development planning of the region. With this background, the Ministry of HRD, Government of India has directed the ICSSR to allocate atleast ten per cent of its plan budget for the promotion of social science research in the North-East Region. The ICSSR has resolved to contribute to this process and therefore, initiated a special Research Programme on the North-East Region.  
  Schemes Under the Programme  
  Funding of Research Projects in Social Science Disciplines;  
  Award of Doctoral Fellowships (8 Fellowships are earmarked for North-East Region);  
  Award of General and Senior Fellowships;  
  Supporting Proposals for Conducting Seminars, Conferences and Workshops;
  Organising and Supporting Research Methodology and Data Processing Training Courses in Social Sciences;and  
  Funding of Publication of Seminar Proceedings, Theses and Research Reports.  
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  North-East Fast Track Advisory Committee  
The ICSSR has set up a high powered North-East Fast Track Advisory Committee in order to cut down procedural delays and facilitate quicker inflow of funds to the North-East Region. The Committee is empowered to examine and approve the sanction/rejection of the proposals received under various schemes in a time bound manner. The Committee normally meets after every four months.
  Affiliation and Release of Grant  
After a proposal relating to any of the above Schemes is approved by the Committee, the grant-in-aid is released through an Institution/University/College to which the scholar is affiliated to. The sanctioned grant for research projects and fellowships is released in six monthly instalments, on satisfactory progress of the work done. However, in case of Seminars/Conferences/Workshops, Training Programmes, etc. 90% of the grant is released as the first instalment. The balance amount of 10% is released after the reports and audited statement of expenditure and the utilization certificates are received and accepted by the ICSSR.
Submission of Final Report
The scholars are required to submit three copies of the Final Report in a publishable form. These reports are subject to evaluation by the experts in the field and a decision regarding their publication is taken on the basis of the comments of the experts.Ten percent of the grant would be withheld till the final report is received.
  The North-East Programme Cell is headed by a Coordinator. For details, please write to: