Indian Council of Social Science Research

Research Programme in Social Sciences with Switzerland


Faculty Exchange Programme (FEP)


CALL 2012



Opening date: 22 October 2012


Closing date: 30 November 2012




The Faculty Exchange Programme (FEP) is designed to encourage the dialogue between Indian and Swiss scholars (faculty members and research staff) in social sciences, in order to intensify interaction between Swiss and Indian social scientists and institutions and to promote sustainable bilateral collaboration.


FEP grants are designed to fund travel and living expenses for exchanges of researchers between India and Switzerland. Other project-related costs may be funded as well.


The FEP grants can include up to two researchers and social scientists from each side. In addition, PhD students can take part to the project if connected to the Indian applicant or to the Swiss partner.


Priority Research Areas


The social sciences are taken at a large sense with a priority to:


a.            Governance and policy,

b.            Sustainable urban development and land use,

c.            Democracy,

d.            Inclusive growth, green economy, economic growth and development,

e.            Public health and well-being,

f.              Food security,

g.            Population, ageing and migration,

h.            Higher education development, science and innovation policies.


Not limited to Indian or Swiss issues exclusively.





To initiate or intensify longstanding research and teaching collaboration between Swiss and Indian social scientists in areas not covered by the Indo-Swiss Joint Research Programme.


Project Duration

Up to 24 months (total of 6 visits per project duration with a max. of 3 participants from each side, 2 faculty and 1 PhD).



The applicant must hold a Ph.D. and/or a senior permanent position in an university/institution located in India


Applications will be accepted only from an Indian citizen or an Indian permanent resident. Additionally to the Applicant, the FEP project may include one additional researcher and one PhD student or postdoctoral social scientist on the Indian and the Swiss sides. The total number of participants on each side should not exceed three.


Each applicant can submit maximum one application.


The Indian applicant and the Swiss partner must prepare the application jointly.



Indian funds will be provided covering travel cost related to the visit of Indian researchers to Switzerland and also living expenses for Swiss visitors in India. The matching funding will be provided from the Swiss side.


Grant Information

Travel and subsistence costs for India researchers/PhD. students going to Switzerland and living costs for Swiss researchers/PhD. students in India can be requested for a maximum of 6 visits from each side spread over the project duration of 2 years. Other project-related costs such as field survey costs may be requested as well.


Number and duration of the visits:


              Visits of up to 2 months max. for senior social scientists and visits of up to 6 months max. for young social scientists (PhD, post doctoral students) will be supported.

              The visits should be reciprocal and balanced in number and duration between Switzerland and India.


For more detailed information (travel expenses covered, daily allowance, etc.), please consult the Application form.



Applications must be prepared jointly by the Indian applicant and the Swiss partner and must be submitted by the applicant in India.


The applicant sends the original of the completed joint application form, along with an electronic version, to the ICSSR, at the following address:


Mr. M.P. Madhukar

Assistant Director

Incharge, International Collaboration & Collaborative Seminar (ICS)

Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR)

Aruna Asaf Ali Marg

New Delhi-110067




Application Deadline

Completed applications must be submitted not later than 30 November 2012. Late and incomplete applications will not be accepted.


It is intended to announce the results of this call in December 2012.


Evaluation and Selection


Joint applications will be evaluated by a panel of experts proposed by the Advisory Committee members.


Evaluation criteria: (not listed in the order of priority)


1.            Funding reciprocity: projects with matching funds will be preferred

2.            Scientific merit of the proposed activities and of the anticipated outcomes

3.            Benefits of the proposed activities for the establishment of sustainable research partnerships and institutional links between Indian and Swiss institutions

4.            Added value of the visits for ongoing research and teaching where applicable, on both sides

5.            Potential for follow-on collaborative activities

6.            Expertise and complementarities of the two partners

7.            Feasibility of proposed approach

8.            Qualifications and experience of applicants


The applicant will be notified by the ICSSR, New Delhi. The results are intended to be announced in December 2012.



Grant recipients will have to submit a progress and financial report after each year of the project or if the project is of shorter duration, at the latest two months after the end of the grant period.




For questions please contact:


Dr. S.M. Verma

Assistant Director

International Collaboration & Collaborative Seminar (ICS)

Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR)

Aruna Asaf Ali Marg

New Delhi-110067 (India)

Phone No.+11+26741856, 26742832




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