The Council, provides total / partial assistance for participating in international conference(s)/seminar(s).
  Nature of Assistance  
Financial assistance is provided to Indian social scientists, who have been invited to contribute and present a paper at conferences abroad. Scholars, who have been invited to deliver a keynote address, chair a session or have been chosen as conveners and / or rapporteurs of a session, and to attend training, refresher or summer courses are not eligible for the assistance.
Usually, the Council provides assistance up to 50 per cent, of the airfare (to and fro excursion/economy class) only. Requests for full or partial registration fee are not considered. However, depending upon the financial position of the Council, and in particular, allocation under this scheme, the Council may choose to provide additional assistance to the following:
Scholars working in the Research Institutes assisted by the Council, are eligible for 100 per cent travel and maintenance cost; registration fee up to 50% or subject to a maximum of US$ 100.
University faculty members are eligible for assistance up to 50 per cent of the total cost (travel plus maintenance). In exceptional cases,i.e. scholars working in other institutions/government departments, outside the purview of the UGC and the ICSSR, the same assistance as in a above may be available.
College teachers from remote and backward areas, other things being equal, are eligible for 100 per cent travel cost and 50 per cent maintenance provided they are unable to secure grants from any other source.
  How and When to Apply ?  
Applications must be submitted in the Prescribed Format (See Annexure II) and should reach the office of the ICSSR at least three and a half months before the due date of the conference.

Note  :  Applicants belonging to “SC” “ST” or "OBC" category must enclosed a copy of  their Category Certificate issued by the Competent Authority.



  The application must be accompanied by the following documents:  
  Two copies of the full Paper  to be presented at the conference.  
  Two copies of the applicant's brief C.V.  
  Photocopy of the Letter of Invitation and Acceptance Letter.  

Scholar Pursing the Ph. D. programme and wish to apply for financial assistance should note the following:

1.                The application must be submitted through, and with the full knowledge and support of the Research Supervisor and Head of the Organization/Institution.

2.                The application must be accompanied by a recommendation letter from the Research Supervisor, verifying that the participation in the Conference/Seminar will directly benefit the applicant’s academic and professional career.


(NOTE: If you do not receive acceptance letter from the conference organizers in time, send the application as indicated and then send the acceptance letter as and when received).
  Photocopy of the Booklet about the conference/ seminar.  
  A 15 x 6 cms slip containing the following information in the format shown below with the details filled in:  
Name of the Scholar:  
Venue and Date:  
Theme of the Conference/Seminar:  
Title of the Paper:  
Session of the Conference/Seminar:  
Session of the Conference/Seminar:  
  A Self-addressed and Stamped Acknowledgment Card typed as follows:  
    Dear Sir/Madam,  
This is to acknowledge receipt of your application for the (type the name and the theme of the conference) which is receiving our attention.
    For further correspondence kindly quote the following Number:  
    Yours sincerely,  
    N.B : Applications  
    which are incomplete in any respect; or  
    which contain only abstracts of the paper instead of the full length paper, or  
which reach the office of the Council less than three and a half months before the due date of the conference, will not be considered.
All conference/ seminars papers received with the application for a particular conference/ seminars will be referred to the Experts Committee for evaluation. However, preference will be given to:
    i. Younger scholars;  
  ii. Scholars attending conference/ seminars for the first time;
  iii. Scholars from remote and backward areas, etc.


Conference/Seminars(s) should be organized by the association/ organization as mentioned in our approved list (see Annexure III).  
    ii. A scholar will be eligible for assistance once in three years.  
    iii. The scholar would be provided assistance only twice during his life time to attend the conferences/seminars.  
It will be the scholar's responsibility to make his/her travel arrangements i.e. visa, foreign exchange permit, ticket, etc. However, a photocopy of air ticket, foreign exchange permit must be submitted to the ICSSR;
Preference will be given to scholars participating in international conferences/ seminar(s) (being held in neighbouring/ other developing countries).
On return from the conference/ seminar, the scholar must submit a detailed report providing information on the date of departure, arrival, contacts made with the scholars at the conference, institutes visited and the experience gained etc. The scholar should also submit a copy of his/her resume;
vii. The Council will not be responsible for applications received late due to postal delay or loss in postal transit etc.

Application will not be considered for postal presentation.