Senior Fellowships are awarded to professional social scientists who have done quality research and  publications in the form of books and papers in professional journals to their credit. Social workers, journalists and civil servants, known for their academic interests with record of publications may also be considered. There is no age bar for this category of fellowship. The following categories of scholars are also eligible for such fellowships:


Indian social scientists, who would like to do full time research in India;

Indian social scientists, who would like to take up research work outside India; and

Scholars from outside India, preferably from neighbouring countries, who would like to come to India for full time research.


How to Apply

  Applications will be invited through EPW, University News and Website of the ICSSR   in the month of March each year.  Completed applications should reach the ICSSR by   15th JUNE.

Mode of Processing 

      Senior Fellowship applications will be evaluated by a Committee of experts set up for each social science discipline.  The Committee will meet twice, first in the month of July to shortlist the applications and second in August to give marking on a ten point scale after interacting with the short listed applicants.  The recommendations of the Committee will be placed before the Research Committee for final decision.



Procedure for Selection

All requests in response to the advertisement must be accompanied by five sets each of a detailed Research Proposal (not exceeding 5000 words) and the curriculum vitae of the scholar in a standardised proforma (see Annexure I) along with two passport size photographs, Forwarding letter by a well established institution/university and no objection  and salary certificate from the employer. Guidelines for formulation of Research Fellowship Proposal have been given at Annexure II. The scholar must mention name of the affiliating organisation through which the fellowship is proposed to be disbursed. The proposals are examined by a group of experts and their recommendations are placed before the Research Committee/Council for final decision. No scholar will be considered for a second fellowship unless five years have elapsed from the date of termination of the last fellowship.


Affiliation and Overhead Charges

The fellow must be affiliated to a university/college/reputed institute (funded by central or state govt.) of his/her choice with the prior approval of ICSSR for disbursement and administration of funds. The affiliating institution will provide the requisite research infrastructure to the scholar and maintain proper accounts. For this, the Council shall pay to the institution, overhead charges at seven and a half percent (7.5%) of the total expenditure incurred. However, this amount shall be paid only after the conclusion of the fellowship and on receipt of Simple  Statement of Accounts and Utilization Certificate duly certified by the Director/Competent authorities. Audited   Statement of Accounts shall follow in due course.  


Value and Duration

Rs.8,000/- p.m. (consolidated) for unemployed & superannuated scholars.

Salary protection in case of employed scholars. The fellow will be entitled to allowances admissible at the parent institution. Also, the leave salary and pension contribution/employer’s share of CPF contribution will be borne by the Council.

In addition, a contingency grant of Rs. 36,000/- p.a. is admissible to unemployed, superannuated and employed scholars during the entire period of fellowship.

The maximum duration of the fellowship is two years.


Mode of Payment

The sanction of the fellowship is issued initially for one year, which is effective from the date of joining. The first year’s grant is released in three instalments. The third instalment consists of 10% of the Ist Year’s grant. The remaining amount is divided into two instalments consisting of 60% as first and 40% as second instalment. The third instalment is released only on receipt of the annual progress report. Same procedure is followed for the second year  on receipt of the final report on completion of the fellowship).


Final Report and Accounts

Fellows are expected to submit the Final Report (in triplicate)  in publishable form, within six months of completion of their fellowship.

The affiliating body is required to submit an Audited Statement of Accounts and Utilisation Certificate, duly certified by a chartered accountant, for the expenditure incurred.