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National Social Science Documentation Centre (NASSDOC), ICSSR acquires bibliographies, directories, review of research and other reference sources in bulk and distributes them to the institutions and their libraries. The objective is to assist the libraries in developing a user responsive research collection. Under this scheme, publications are distributed among ICSSR research institutes, regional centres, university libraries etc.
Following types of publications are considered for acquisition under this scheme:
Scholarly journals containing review articles
Published bibliographies, directories, encyclopaedias, subject dictionaries, indexing / abstracting tools, review of research etc.
ICSSR research institutes publications.
The Publications are selected for bulk purchase on the basis of the recommendations of ICSSR Committee on Documentation, Research Information and Library Services (CDRILS). Authors / publishers are required to send the details of their published work (preferably with a copy) to the Director, National Social Science Documentation Centre, ICSSR, Aruna Asaf Ali Road, JNU Campus, New Delhi-110067 for consideration.