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Bibliography is a systematic descriptive list of published (books, periodical articles etc) as well as unpublished material pertaining to a specific subject for reference and study. National Social Science Documentation Center provides this service to the social scientists on demand. The scholars doing their M. Phil, Ph.D. Post Doctoral Research or writing an article or a book can make a request for this service. A Scholar who is working on a project or a teacher can also avail this service. This service is provided in two formats:
Bibliographical References (for Books - author, title, publisher, year of publication, pages; and for Journal Articles-author, title, name of the Journal, pages).
Bibliographical References (as above) and abstract or description of the thought content of the document printed.
NASSDOC uses published printed sources as well as CD-ROMs, computerised databases and unpublished sources for compilation of a bibliography.
In order to avail this service, scholars have to send the duly filled-in Bibliography Order Form (annexure I) to the Director, National Social Science Documentation Centre (NASSDOC), ICSSR, 35, Ferozshah Road  New Delhi-110001. The topic of the bibliography should be clearly written so as to avoid any ambiguity.
Charges / Payment
This is a paid service.
From Printed Sources (without abstracts)
India : Rs. 25/- for 25 references. Re 1 for each additional reference.
India : Rs. 22/- for Registered Postage charges.
  Outside India: US$10 for 25 references or part thereof.  
  Outside India: Plus actual postage charges.  
  From Electronic Databases like CD-ROMs etc. With Abstracts  
Minimum Rs.100/- upto 20 references including their abstracts + Rs.5/- for each additional reference and its abstract.
The search done from printed sources is sent by Registered Post and by e-mail.
From electronic databases it is sent by post or by e-mail, if e-mail address is available. In case of transmission by e-mail, postal charges are not charged.
Advance payment is required to be made by Cash / Demand Draft in favour of Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi.
Duration / Time Taken
This service is provided on first come first serve basis.