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Annexure IV
  Format of Letter From Affiliating Institute  
Director NASSDOC
35, Ferozshah Road,
New Delhi-110001


Project Proposed by
Subject : Proposal for Financial Support to ICSSR
I forward the proposal for financial support to the ICSSR.
The institution agrees to :
Administer and manage the finances;
Provide accommodation and furniture required for the project;
Make available all its research facilities such as library, laboratory and other equipments; and
Provide the material and managerial assistance for the project.
If the scholar directing the project leaves our institution to join some other institution after part of the sanctioned grant has been received, we would have no objection to the transfer of the project to a new institution, if the Project Director / ICSSR, so desires. The institutions, however, shall continue to be responsible for submitting the audited statement of accounts and utilisation certificate for the grant received by it, for this purpose.
Name and Designation (in block letters):
Date :