1. Short Title: These Rules may be called the 'Rules, of the Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi, 1969'.
2. Definitions: In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires
a. The 'Council' shall mean the Indian Council of Social Science Research.
b. The 'Chairman' shall mean the Chairman of the Council appointed by the Government of India under Rule 13.
c. The 'Member-Secretary' shall mean the Member-Secretary appointed by the Government of India or the Council as the case may be under Rule 14.
d. The 'Administrative Committee' shall mean the Administrative Committee appointed under Rule 28.
e. The 'Research Project Committee' shall mean the Research Projects Committee appointed under Rule 37.
3. Members of the Council:The Council shall consist of the following members:
  An eminent social scientist nominated by the Government of India who shall be the Chairman of the council.
  Eighteen social scientists nominated by the Government of India.
Six persons to represent Government who shall be nominated by the Government of India and shall include one representative each of the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare and the Ministry of Finance.
Role of Members: The Council shall keep a Roll of Members giving their addresses and occupations and every member shall sign the same.
If a Member of the Council changes his address, he shall notify his new address to the Member-Secretary who shall thereupon enter his new address in the Roll of Members. But, if he fails to notify his new address, the address given in the Role of Members shall be deemed to be his address.
Term of Office: (i) In the first reconstitution of the Council in 1972 one third (or six) of social scientists members shall be appointed for one year another one third (or six) of the social scientist members shall be appointed for two years and the remaining six social scientists members will be appointed for three years.
When the term of office of a member comes to an end, the vacancy shall be filled by Government through nomination. Outgoing members shall be eligible for reappointment, subject however to the condition that no person shall be a member of the Council for more than two consecutive terms of office: provided further that the office held by members for one year under Rule (i) above, shall not be deemed to be a 'term' within the meaning of this Rule provided further that a member in office shall continue to be in office until his successor is nominated under this rule.( Approved by Ministry of Education letter No. F. 12-34/77 Blg. II dated 4-10-1977.)
Casual Vacancies: Casual vacancies in the Council or its Committees may arise from the reasons indicated below:
a. death;
b. resignation addressed to the Member-Secretary in writing and accepted by the Council;
c. becoming of unsound mind or insolvent;
d. conviction for a criminal offence involving moral turpitude, or
e. failure to attend three consecutive meetings of the Council without proper leave of the Council.
Casual vacancies in the Council (or in any of its Committee) caused by any of the reasons mentioned above shall be filled up through nomination by the Government or the Council as the case may be. But the persons appointed in the vacancy shall hold office only for the unexpired period of the term of the membership.