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In May 2002, the ICSSR completed 33 years of its existence. Over the period, the ICSSR has added a fairly large number of retired employees. At present the ICSSR has 66 retired employees, out of which, 45 are getting pension, 21 family pensions and one case has been closed. The number of retired employees is going to grow during the next few years.
There were a large number of pensions related complaints from various retired employees. To sort out the problems being faced by the pensioners a Pension Cell was accordingly set up on 16 June 2002 comprising a Section Officer and supporting staff. All the retired employees were invited to attend its inaugural function held on 19th August 2002. Twenty-five retired employees attended the function. The initiative was welcomed by all of them and they thanked the Hon. Chairman and the Member Secretary.
After a detailed discussion with the pensioners, the Member Secretary categorically announced the following decisions were taken during the course of the meeting:
Newsletter and Annual Report should be sent to all the pensioners to make them aware of ICSSR activities.
(ii) There should be a regular disbursement of pension in the first week of every month.
(iii) It was also announced that no pensioner's cheque would be allowed to bounce.
(iv) It was also announced that family pension would be revised very shortly.
ICSSR provide medical allowance to all the pensioners since 1997 as per 5th Pay Commission 's recommendations.
The Cell has been provided with a computer .
All the files relating to retired employees were shifted to the Pension Cell. The concerned officers were instructed to prepare complete details regarding the retired employees along with a separate list indicating their addresses and contact telephone numbers. All such details have now been computerised in the Pension Cell.
After its creation, the Pension Cell took immediate steps to solve the various problems being faced by the pensioners. At a glance, the following work has been done by the Pension Cell:
Informing all the pensioners through letter or personal contacts about the creation of the 'Pension Cell' and inviting their pension related problem, if any;
(ii) Preparation of a list of pensioners with complete addresses and contact telephone numbers;
(iii) Making up-to-date entries in pension passbooks issued to the pensioners;
(iv) Payment of medical allowance to the pensioners as per Government of India rules;
Taking immediate action on all pending complaints of the pensioners; and
(vi) Checking and ensureing that the pensions are sent to the banks, so opted by the pensioners.
The Pension Cell has been functioning to the full satisfaction of the pensioners of the ICSSR.