1.         The Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR, India) in association with the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR, France), the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, Germany), the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC, UK) and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO, The Netherlands)[1] invite applications for joint social science networking proposals between research centres in the participating European countries and India. Proposals may only be made by institutions recognised for funding by the five agencies, and lead researchers must meet the eligibility requirements of the relevant national agency.


2.         Proposals must be submitted electronically, at the very latest by 4.00pm (16.00 hours) on 15 September 2011 (at the local time of the administering Partners NWO and ICSSR) to NWO and ICSSR on the designated application form available here: APPLICATION FORM Proposals must be submitted to Berry J. Bonenkamp at NWO and Dr K.N. Jehangir at ICSSR. The proposals to NWO will be made through Iris. The proposals to ICSSR will be submitted by email (MS Word Version) attachments only.


3.         The objective of this scheme is to promote the strengthening of the social sciences within and between the five countries, by providing additional funding to allow joint research activities for internationally excellent research in relevant areas. This funding will not cover basic salaries, but will provide top-up resources to allow established research groups in cognate areas in the different countries to work more closely together in order to develop and complete internationally advanced collaborative research and publications.


4.         Proposals must involve at least TWO (and no more than FOUR) established research groups on the Indian side, and similarly TWO (and no more than FOUR) on the European side (which must be from two different European countries), but may involve up to SIX or exceptionally up to EIGHT research groups in all.


5.         It is expected that successful applicants will involve well-established existing groups, possibly with some already established connections and joint collaboration, who wish to build on this to achieve a world leadership position in their area over the next three years by working closely with other leading or potentially leading players globally.


6.         Each proposal may request up to € 500,000 (on the European side) and up to INR 50 lakhs[2] (on the Indian side) over three years. This is equivalent to up to 1 crore for six networks per year, according per international collaboration norms of ICSSR. The level of resources requested on the European side should be proportionate to the number of European partners included on the proposal. In line with the aims of this call, only costs for additional activity relating to closer collaboration will be permissible. Network proposals must be for three years and have a clear strategic plan for development over that period; although, where appropriate expenditure can be focussed more on the first two years.


7.         This scheme is open to all areas of the social sciences, and the selection of proposals will be based solely on their potential academic and scientific excellence and contribution. The Partners would, however, wish to encourage proposals in particular areas. These include:

§          economic growth and development

§          population, ageing and migration

§          health and well-being

§          education and cognitive development

§          political and legal governance

§          food production, rural development and resources

§          energy and climate change

§          developing skills and human resources for the 21st century

            The call is not exclusive to these areas and proposals in other areas are welcome. Proposals will be prioritised on the basis of academic excellence.


8.         The objectives of networks may cover a range of wider or narrower objectives including, but not exclusively:

·          extending new conceptual and methodological approaches

·          developing new comparative research data or materials

·          the development of early-career researchers

·          joint publications

·          the development of new joint research work

·          contributions to policy and analytical debates


9.         Networks may, where considered beneficial to the research, involve established research groups from European or South Asian countries beyond those of the five Partners. However, centres from other countries will not be able to bid for resources from the five Partners, and must be able to contribute any resources which may be required for their participation in the network. Nevertheless, the inclusion of such groups may of course strengthen a particular proposal overall, especially where the additional groups may include capacity strengths not present within those of the five participating countries.


10.        All proposals will be subject to international peer review and final decisions on successful proposals will be made by a joint panel established between the five Partners.


11.        The criteria for selection of proposals will include:

(a)     scientific and scholarly standing and track record of the various network applicants in the area of research proposed

(b)     international excellence of the proposed programme of collaborative work

(c)     record of publication of the various applicants

(d)     mix of senior and junior researchers in the proposals, and the potential for onward development of new research and research capacity in this area

(e)     synergy between the various applicants, and ability to demonstrate real added value from joint collaboration

(f)      measures of success proposed by each network and the potential for achieving these (including, for example, conceptual and methodological development; development of the next generation of researchers; pooling of knowledge, research and data; high-level joint publications; new research development; new data and research materials; and contributions to policy and analytical debates)

(g)     management and modus operandi of the proposed networks, and how the applicants would ensure these were effective and good value-for-money


12.        Further information or any specific enquiries about this scheme can be obtained from or addressed to Berry J. Bonenkamp at NWO and Dr K.N. Jehangir at ICSSR.


Additional information concerning each Partner


Additional information for French applicants (ANR)


For specific eligibility criteria regarding French applicants and for additional specific guidance, please check: …


Additional information for German applicants (DFG)


For specific eligibility criteria regarding German applicants and for additional specific guidance, please check: …


Additional information for British applicants (ESRC)


For specific eligibility criteria regarding British applicants and for additional specific guidance, please check: …


Additional information for Indian applicants (ICSSR)


Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) provides grants to scholars to conduct research in the fields of social sciences which have a theoretical, conceptual, methodological or policy orientation on the subject of their choice. The research proposals may belong to any one of the following social science disciplines or may be interdisciplinary in nature: the recognized disciplines / category are: (i) Economics / Commerce / Management / Business Administration; (ii) Sociology and Social Anthropology / Social Work / Demography / Gender Studies; (iii) Political Science / International Relations / Geography / Public Administration; (iv) Psychology / Education /Criminology; (v) Others -- Linguistics / Law etc.  Proposal for action research will not be considered.


Professional social scientists working in Indian universities, research institutes having significant publications to their credit are eligible for this grant. Specifically, proposals submitted by a scholar/organization should fall in one of the following categories:


Category-I:       (a) Central universities; (b) State universities; (c) Colleges affiliated to either ‘a’ or ‘b’ above; and (d) Institutions of National Importance receiving grants from UGC/

Central government

Category-II:      Research Institutes funded by ICSSR, Central Government, State                       Government

Category-III:     Deemed Universities

Category-IV:     NGOs, which have done substantial original works in the field of social science research and fulfill the criteria laid down in Form-S, can also apply (subject to the verifications of Institutional status as per ICSSR Form-S).  Institutes or NGO’s to be eligible to seek assistance under this scheme must be non-profit making and must be registered under the Societies Registration Act. 


The grant-in-aid would normally be available only for scholars below the age of 70 years.


Additional information for Dutch applicants (NWO)


To be eligible for NWO funding, Dutch applicants must hold a doctorate and be employed at a Dutch university or research institute recognised by NWO or the KNAW.

For the Dutch project, the proposed network activities must fall within the remit of the domain of the social sciences. This domain is defined in the NWO social sciences list of expertise codes. Please see:$file/Disciplinecodelijst_MaGW_2009.pdf


For full instructions, please consult the ORA Scheme page on the NWO website. The ORA Scheme page will be posted on the NWO website by early-May 2011.



Deadline for the submission of proposals:


15 September 2011, until 4.00pm IST for the E-mail MS Word version (proposals to ICSSR only)

15 September 2011, until 4.00pm CET (16.00 hours) for the electronic version (proposals to NWO only; proposals to NWO should be made through Iris)


Proposals can only be submitted using the Indian-European Research Networking Programme application form.







Pierre-Olivier Pin, ANR

E-mail: <>

Telephone: +33 (0)1 78 09 80 83

K.N. Jehangir, ICSSR

M.A. Jawaid

E-mail: <>

Telephone: +91 11 26742351/26741856



Corinne Flacke-Neudorfer, DFG
E-mail: <>

Telephone: +49 (0)228 885 2875

The Netherlands
Berry Bonenkamp, NWO

E-mail: <>

Telephone: +31 (0)70 3440950


United Kingdom
Suzanne Austin, ESRC

E-mail: <>

Telephone: +44 (0)1793 413035










[1] This group of organisations (ANR, DFG, ESRC, NWO and ICSSR) is hereafter referred to as ‘the Partners’.


[2] A lakh is an Indian term for 100,000.